IOPCC Trip Report

BCU Level 2/3 Surf Training
Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th April

Six intrepid Surf Kayak wannabees ventured to North Cornwall for a Weekends BCU level 2/3 surf Kayak coaching clinic with surf Guru Jamie Lawrence.
Grant 'Big Z' Pring,
Paul 'Dude' Newport,
Gazza Elkington,
Sir John Christmas and Mark Spearing.

They were joined by some hanger-ons who came along just for the surfing and socialising...Kenneth 'The Wogan' Baillie, Mark 'Brad Pitt' Damen and Clive 'Dad' Joyner.....

Saturday morning dawned and Jamie arrived. After basic safety skills and edging, rescue, recovery and core skills were taught, the group ventured out into the 4 foot surf.

A few swims were spotted but nothing of note. Gary Elkington was on his first ever surf outing with his new playboat...he took a liking to studying the seabed and then emptying his boat of local seawater!!

A long day in the seat ensued and Jamie used all his guile to teach the students, who gradually started to reap the benefits.

It wasn't long before Grant was showing off his old surf skills in a kayak, catching the tunnels and showing off his top and bottom turns.
Gary, well he was still dragging his boat to shore to empty the local seawater from it...!!!

Sir John Christmas was also starting to show off along with new surf member Paul "Dude" Newport......who failed to mention he "Might" have done a tad of surfing before.

Saturday afternoon arrived and Surf mega-guru and IOPCC legend Ken Baillie, soon found himself in trouble out back, failing to roll, he popped and was soon in the Bude Rip....this took him out to sea and within minutes he had the Bude RNLI large Rib with all its blues and twos on responding to rescue where credits due, he refused their help and made it back into the shore, a little red faced.

This caused much joviality during the cider quaffing and Chinese takeaway stuffing on Saturday evening at the campsite!

Sunday brought the best conditions.....2 foot, green and clean, offshore light breeze holding up the lip, making it classic surf.

More basic and intermediate skills were introduced and reinforced, and by mid morning Jamie took each "Mug" out back to catch the big swell and green breaking 6 foot waves.

Everyone ripped on in, a few cracking rolls were performed and to finish the afternoon off, basic rescue skills were taught.
This is when it may be advisable to be wary of the Bude Rip in a dry suit.

Whilst trying to video the group, Buddy was taken by the rip, and, was soon in trouble along with Grant "Gumps" Pring.
Once Buddy was back on shore, during an interview with Ken Baillie News24, he stated.." I would like to thank the young blond RNLI Lifeguard, it was apparently his first rescue of the summer"...
Therefore the IOPCC has utilised the Cornwall RNLI on two occasions, and would like to pass on their thanks!

Taking that aside, it was a cracking weekend, great surf, fabulous coaching and company....
Roll on May....
Gary at his best...dry land! Buddy paddling out
Mark On the beach
Jamie the Guru Ken...official RNLI mascot
Covering all the options Determination
Buddy...probably talking bo****ks Buddy again
Team IOPCC with Jamie
Shame that Mark is so shy!!

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