IOPCC Trip Report

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Skills
1st - 2nd March 2014

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Paddlers Coach
John Christmas Rob McIntyre
David Cotgrove  
Clive West  
Jackie Jones  

Another great training weekend for IOPCC with Rob McIntyre on the North Devon Coast arranged by Jackie Jones.

This early season progressive training weekend focused on a revision of trip planning, weather conditions, tidal flows and basic paddling skills - moving on to blending body, boat and blade in increasingly challenging conditions.

Saturday - (in swell, but with the absence of wind !!) - focus on posture, rotation, edging. Moving the boat in progressively restricted and rougher waters to effect a contact for a tow assisted rescue.

Sunday - (in gusting wind and at times heavy rain) - focus on edging in confined spaces and efficient 360 and 180 degree turns. Towing, and using the conditions of the day to increase awareness of how individual boats respond to wind from different quarters and how to take advantage when needing to turn up and down wind.

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Report: David Cotgrove
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