IOPCC Trip Report

Kimmeridge to Warbarrow
January 3rd 2009


A great and interesting paddle from Kimmeridge! Seven of us went, and it was reasonably clear but very cold. Along the coast under spectacular jagged cliffs to Warbarrow Tout, then across the bay for a bit of a play in amongst Mupe Rocks. Back across the Bay, and landed on a perfect beach just behind Warbarrow Tout.

Nobby, ever the gourmet, cooked up a hot meal, and Hilary had scones with cream and jam for afters! Rock hopping for some on the way back to Kimmeridge. Then it got interesting! Tim was surfing off the edge of the reef, capsized, and got separated from his boat. Ken & Nobby quickly set up a very efficient rescue. One group took Tim back to the cars to get him warmed up, then they got caught by some big surf which came in unexpectedly, one capsized, and two others then capsized in the process of rescuing. All close to shore, so able to land quickly. Lots of photographers on the shore waiting to capture the surf and sunset, so got more action than they anticipated! Everyone managed to get warm and dry. So a great paddle along a spectacular piece of coast, rather too much action at the end, and some lessons learnt!


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Report: and pictures: Barbara Browning



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