IOPCC Trip Report

Classic IOPCC "Hedonistic" Surfkayak Weekend
Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th September

This was the clubs 5th weekend trip to Bude, since the successful first outing in May 2010. After a weekends surf kayak training in April and an early club summer warm-up weekend in May, this Septembers theme was based around "Hedonism"....."The doctrine that the chief good of man lies in the pursuit of pleasure"

Club weekend Mum Clive Joyner got a little worried about the title, until it was explained to him, it was all about surfing, takeaways and consuming quantities of gods falling down water !

With a small surf report shown on MSW for Friday, several members decided to delay their arrival until Friday evening or Saturday morning. A bad decision, if MSW says 0.5ft and clean, then always add onto that.

As it turned out, the waves at Crooklets during Friday pm were a good, 2-3 ft on the set and clean peeling beauties.

Amongst those that caught these with joyful woops were, Grant "Gumps" Pring, Ken "Wing Commander" Baillie, Steve" Simon Hammond" Budd, Nobby "Classic" Crannie, Tony "Torpedo" Sandrey and Teresa "Surfette" Cobster...Geoffers "Silver Fox" Ridler was without a boat until late afternoon so surfed in the waves on his board like Kelly Slater. Oh and then there was Pete "Port" Woods....there isn't actually any evidence he was surfing.....but for amusement we gave him a 10/10 for effort...he does take great pictures though....Bless.!

On arrival back at the campsite late afternoon, the chairlady Barbara "Bottombracket" Browning was lording it about in her Triathlon Lycra..!! after having successfully ridden her new road bike from Burton to Bude in 6 1/2 hours. (BONKERS)
A fantastic achievement........Poor old Ian "Hackers" Hackworthy...he looked just knackered thinking about it. !

Friday evening saw the arrival of club pro surfkayaker Christov "BillyWhizz" Fryer, with his world champion seabed Inspector Gazza "Seabed Sediment Sid" Elkington (triple S to his friends).

Along with these two, Buddy, Gumps, Silver Fox ,SSS, and Teresa, Barb, and Hackers, all 9 then felt their hedonistic calling and made to Crooklets.

The scene was set, the sky was clear, blue, with the occasional sweep of a cloud towards the horizon where the sun was was a surreal moment for all.

Local boarders and kayakers were catching in 3-4ft clean waves as the sun dropped, a red sunset ,with the silhouette of man and woman enjoying the surf in pursuit of pleasure !!!

For those there, it will be a moment never to forget..........however I'm not sure if Gazza "SSS" Elkington saw it, but I'm sure the sunset beneath the waves was just as glorious!

Saturday arrived and the weather was overcast but mild....the water at the moment is almost bathwarm.

Joining the group were Clive "Senior Pro" Joyner....John "Tinkerbell" Christmas and Mark "Demon" Damon......

All the group travelled and spent the day at Summerleaze where waves were 4-5ft and clean during the morning session....
Ken "Wing Commander" Baillie stated to Sky Sports after this session......"I caught probably the biggest wave I've ever ridden out there today"......the only eyewitness was a young 18 year old blonde male RNLI lifeguard, who refused any comments about the incident but did allegedly state to other club members "Ken is a legend in local surfing folklore"

Saturday afternoon saw several swimmers, as the sea was menacing...amongst those were...Pro surfer Billy Whizz Fryer and Classic surfer Nobby....nuff said !

Saturdays evening meals were again consumed amongst copious amounts of Bude falling down water, whilst Teresa stuck to her local brew called "Strongbow"

An early trip home on Sunday for Buddy due to an infested chest and broken surf fin, left all the others to enjoys a few more hours of Bude-wai....this was done with lots of enthusiasm and after lunch the group dispersed to break camp and return home.

It was another great weekend, with 15 surfers and everybody got involved.......without a doubt we were all smiling for the entire it pleasure or sheer fright at the waves !

The RNLI shirt swimming award went to Gary "SSS" Elkington for most pop's, and best improved ....and the beanie award went to Nobbiy "Classic" Crannie for his spiritual Hedonistic, almost heartwarmingly tearful team chat prior to hitting the Bude-wai waves on Saturday afternoon that caused carnage.........

Here's looking forward to the next Classic IOPCC weekender........


WW/SuRF Rep !
Buddy makes it to Bude Gary and Chris getting the caravan 'Just So'
Sunset at Crooklets Beach And again
Nice boys Teresa ripping it up
Gary and Chris, please note that Gary is the right way up...remarkable!! Grant on a nice one
Ken the maestro Barbara on her way out...but not too far!
Chris, leaning back as usual. Ken in the club surf boat
Chris...must be getting tired by now... OMG he's fallen asleep!
What a bloody rabble.

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