IOPCC Trip Report

North Cornwall Weekend 2012
Day 1: Crackington Haven to Boscastle and return
Friday 4th May 2012

On the water 11am
LW Plymouth 10.09 (0.9) + 1 hr Summer time = 11.09
less time correction - 40mins = 10.29am Low Water Crackington Haven
HW Plymouth 1617 (5.2) +1 hr = 17.17 less 35mins = 16.48 High Water Crackington Haven.
Light winds force 2-3 in the morning rising to force 4 in the afternoon approx.

Well needless to say it was a cultural shock, I was harried and when Barbara kindly offered to help me get ready she had an evil sense of humour turning my dry suit trouser legs inside out while my boat vanished down to the water's edge, you guessed it I was last on the water.
Then proceeded a glorious paddle and an eye opener that composite boats are for rock hopping and not just for keeping safe in deep water. The coast was sublime with views of streams upon high cascading down steep mountain sides to waterfalls which eventually reached the sea providing fresh water showers to paddlers below. It was as if the makers of Lord of the Rings had missed a beat, this part of the coast is truly heaven on earth. The caves were so deep that a torch would have been a useful asset and any light source was instantly picked up by the reflective coatings on our kayaking gear and boats. Seals were a plenty only that the local tour guide was probably disappointed in that we had chosen to look at the seals without paying for a ride in his souped up power boat. Ian was advised to paddle well away from wildlife, probably the collective sonic gurgling of paddles was thought to be worse than the sonic boom of those monster twin outboards. Happy banter meant the miles slipped by alarmingly quick and soon a hairpin bend in the cliff face opened to the magical kingdom of Boscastle.
I was lucky this time, let me explain I have a habit of taking a swim getting my legs out of the cockpit before reaching shore, this time I was successful and so avoided scraping my precious gel coat and keeping my dignity intact. Then we dragged our boats up river towards the township of Boscastle (OMG vanishing gel coat) & hauled our boats onto some rocks and lay down in the sun to have lunch. It was at this point that the floor show began or rather Nathan decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss.. an audience of beached whales. Well what followed was a staggering feat of rock climbing and" see what I can do" to the probable consternation of Tina who was urging caution.
For the return trip to Crackington Haven, Tina's child minding shift had just begun so Paul took her kayak and paddled back to base with an increasing wind and swell state which made cave exploring even more interesting. On arriving first at the beach I managed a quick swim, yes you guessed one leg out of the boat, one in and oops I must get it out splash, so I was last to leave the carpark and then proceeded to get lost finding my way to the campsite.
Crackington Haven
pre-paddle faff
Away at last
Tony using strong language David getting up close
Wonderful caves Bloody seal-huggers
A Lord of the Rings moment! Boscastle lunch break
Jane under a waterfall Paul released from the demands of child care.

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