IOPCC Trip Report

Bude Surfing Weekend
5th-7th October 2012


The IOPCC birthday surf weekend started at 07:30 hours on Friday morning with the obligatory drive down to Launceston and Tesco for breakfast. For the first time in history four of us - Teresa, Pete, Gary and I managed to meet at Tesco without any of us getting lost. To our shock, our little restaurant has now gone, converted into a Costa. However every cloud has a silver lining, a transport cafe was found just up the road. Watered and fed, we headed straight to Penhalt Farm to erect Gary's one man tent and to await the arrival of Geoff, Buddy and Debs, Tony, Tim and Chris with his group of around 20 people.

Unfortunately Buddy, Debs, Chris and crew were delayed en route. The rest of us hit Blackrock for an afternoon of surf: a good four foot every five to seven seconds was on offer. After the initial blowing away of cobwebs and a few swims (Pete after just ten seconds) confidence began to grow and some good waves were caught. Towards the end of the session I decided to paddle out back to catch one last wave, only to find that I wasnít on my own, as the rest of the group had followed close behind. At one point all six of us were heading towards the beach in some sort of fashion. It is good to see how well the club surf section is coming on. After a good three hour session and with wave and tide dropping we had had enough. Kayak section off the water, time for the board section of Buddy and Harry fryer to take over. Mrs Budd decided not to go out as the waves were too far away and stayed in with Kylie to read Horse and Hound!

Friday Evening

Very heavy rain all night. Thanks to Gary, we retreated to his tent for wine, take-away and more wine. Some of us did regret the more wine.

Saturday Morning

All up by 0700 hrs, no rain but a lovely bright morning. One big pot of porridge and off back down to Blackrock. Two foot every seven seconds was on offer. Teresa, Gary, Geoff, Pete, Tony, Tim and I were first on the water closely followed by Chris. Debs, Buddy and Harry were on their surfboards. After a good morning session most of us returned to camp to tidy up and dry out tents from Friday nightís deluge. A little sleep later and we were all ready to go for surf on the incoming tide. Another great afternoon of surfing and sunshine.

Saturday Evening

As a birthday treat Chris had hired the house at Penhalt Farm (now that he is fifty, he needs a few home comforts). With his guests arriving there was soon a hive of activity around the campsite, a very enjoyable evening was had by all.

Sunday Morning

Some of us were up by 0730 hrs to a fantastic morning sky. Unfortunately a few of us had over-indulged at Chrisí party and werenít 100%. Gary had forgotten to zip up his tent and had slept in a draught all night and woke up with a stiff neck. Pete locked himself in his van and wouldnít come out. The numbers for the morning paddle were dropping. Porridge eaten and everything packed up we headed off to Blackrock. Perfect two to three foot waves every couple of minutes on the incoming tide. After two hours of the advance party surfing, the remainder of the gang turned up. The waves were still good and Buddy in a rare outing in his boat showed us all that he hadnít lost his boating skills. Apart from the torrential rain on Friday night, all in all a great weekend.

Quotes of the weekend

Buddy: That surf was really pumping today
Geoff: I think I drank too much last night (Saturday and Sunday mornings!)
Pete: Did you hear those pigeons (Geese) flying over?
Gary: Would you mind removing your shoes before coming into my tent?
Debs: Where do I plug my hair dryer in?
Pete: Iím never drinking again (after drinking a whole bottle of JD)

The crew at Blackrock Chris the birthday boy
Debbie ventures out Tony
Teresa at speed Buddy, Debbie and Kylie
Tony...serious Breakfast time
Camping essentials IOPCC surf gods!


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