IOPCC Trip Report

North Cornwall Weekend 2012
Day 3: Port Quin to the Rumps and Polzeath and return.
Sunday 6th May 2012

LW Plymouth 1151 + 1hr = 1251 (0.5m) Less 1hr port correction = 1151 LW Port Isaac
HW Plymouth 1755 + 1hr = 1855 (5.6m) Less 1hr port correction = 1755 Hw Port Isaac
On the water 1030
Wind generally force 2-3
After finding myself castigated for my time keeping this morning I left the campsite before Barbara & Ian. Downside they still got on the water before me and yes I was last on the water again. Another spectacular paddle, this time I remembered my torch, so some exploring through deep caves was possible without having to wonder 'what’s that gurgling sploshing noise, where is it? Under my boat perhaps.' We again found some nice waves to surf including giving Ian a pause for thought, perhaps something along the lines of 'is she going to hit me broadside' before I managed to edge the boat out of harm's way. We had a relief break on a secret beach just beyond 'Carnweather Point' and of course the usual joviality and refreshments. Then it was on to paddle around the Rumps and the spectacular rock shapes there. Not long after leaving the beach it was noticed a pair of paddlers appeared in the distance. One of them with a spectacular mop of blonde hair, it was Michal and Natalie Madera on their trip to circumnavigate the UK ( The Tiderace Xplore mutual admiration society meeting was then in full swing, by the way Michal your boat might be a Hardcore but mine is bigger than yours it's a Classic XL and I don't use it yet for what it was designed for. On arriving at Polzeath beach I decided that I was going to show off how clever I was getting my legs out of the boat before landing on the beach, you guessed it... I ended up swimming again. Another wonderful beach lunch followed watching beach hunks and all manner of human life stroll the beach. On the return trip a thoughtful fisherman actually pulled in his line to allow us to paddle the passage between land and the rumps. Enjoyable rock hopping followed which again had a nasty propensity to make time rocket by and soon we were back at Port Quinn where I quite remarkably managed to get my legs out of the cockpit and stay dry before landing.
Leaving Port Quin Stew dealing with the chop
Jane at speed John surfing
Tina John
Michal of homeSEAhome Wonderful scenery

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