IOPCC Trip Report

Portland Bill
Saturday 6th October 2012

Jonathan Massey
Stew Burdis
Hugh de Iongh (trip leader, weather watcher and chief laminator)

We didn't get going until 11:00, the forecast had changed in the morning and was due to be slightly stronger than anticipated. So we ummd and aaahd and decided to go for it. We gave ourselves the option of doubling back if it felt a bit iffy. We set off from Chesil which was a launch that once committed you had to go for, recent storms had pushed the stones up to a steep incline with waves crashing in. All in unscathed.

The swell as we paddled to the Bill seemed big to me but wasn't causing any problems. No rock hopping to be done today as the big swells met the shore there was too much power there to be caught up in. We rounded the Bill amongst conflicting swells, wind and tides.
Interesting! and although lumpy, didn't seem so intimidating where the sun was shining.

I decided to land first at Church Ope Cove, jump out quick and get some snaps.

Lunch in the sun.

A few days before Stu was drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Today he was drilling his lovely cetus on a rocky launch Duff Duff Duff nasty .
We chugged back to the calm of Portland Harbour.

It was a bouncy ride but we all enjoyed it .


Stew 'n' Hugh at Chesil Artsy Shot
Church Ope Cove Clever stuff
Beer and Medals time. Lamination par excellence

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