IOPCC Trip Report

Ringstead to Lulworth
Saturday January 7th 2012

The trip was preceded with an intensive week of watching weather forecasts and studying the surface pressure charts during a week of severe weather for the whole Country, Portland having 85mph winds in that time. It looked at least slightly possible from the Met the day before so I said Yes, expecting to possibly call it off once we were down at the water’s edge. However once again Poseidon was on our side, the four of us arrived on a sunny Saturday morning at Ringstead Bay.

The party was only four, Dicky Bird, Jon Massey, David Cotgrove and gracing us with his always appreciated presence the one and only “Lord” John Miller.

The wind was still around 18mph WNW with gusts pitching in too, but the sea state after a week of being bashed had settled nicely.

We set of with a following wind so we were constantly trying to hold our direction but mostly zig zagged the first third of the way. Jon decided to try Bat Hole so I moved around the point for safety cover and out he popped the other two already in my wake. The next amusement was Durdle Door itself where John provided safety and the 3 of us judged our timings nicely to proceed without incident.

Lulworth Cove provided the halfway point and lunch stop where an elderly couple come over to show us their pictures of us at Durdle Door, whilst they were walking the Coast Path. Their pictures are now on the gallery page.

The return trip promised confused wind over tide but again we exited the cove into rather pleasant conditions and the progress back was of a good pace, even with the wind in our faces. This time allowed for us all to pass in and out of Durdle Door, Jon realising just how hard it is to take a picture whilst on a kayak, as I hoped for my own fame in the photo album.

The four of us all slipped through Bat Hole and upon our return gracefully landed at the water’s edge. So another great paddle, my first along this stretch. I cannot wait to see it in the summer now.

Ringstead Bay in the winter sunshine Approaching White Nothe
White Nothe Lulworth Cove
Dicky heading out of Lulworth Durdle Door
John and Jon at Durdle Door Jon and David at Durdle Door

Pictures of the paddle are on the
Galleries Page.


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