IOPCC Trip Report

Portland Bill East to West

6th January 2013

Jon Massey
John Miller
David Cotgrove
Ian Hackworthy
Barbara Hackworthy

The weather was looking alright, no real wind to worry about, a bit cloudy and overcast but at this time of year that cloud cover seemed to help a little with the overall temperature.

Was good to see fellow paddlers. I had been looking forward to this day for a little while, apart from a couple of creeps round Portland Harbour I had not been out much lately.

We set off in good spirits, was a slightly steep launch (slide ) down the pebbles at Chesil Cove that came with a refreshing slosh in the face, all good fun. To be honest there was a bit more swell out there than I expected. Although I have done this trip before I still feel pangs of anticipation before and sometimes during and as we approached Pulpit there was certainly some large lumps of swell to contend with. The cliffs in places looked a bit different to me today possibly because some parts had huge chunks missing not just topsoil, landslides, big rocks and parts of cliff also had come away.

We rounded the Bill and at one point from my angle it looked like Ian was about to catch a huge bit of swell a little to close to the shore. I meant so say INCOMING ! but I shouted its coming in its coming in ! Ian cooly let it pass through I think he got the gist of what I meant!
We were planning on a bit of lunch at Church Ope cove, after some really big sets of swell coming in we were going to have a change of plan but as we got nearer the swells calmed for a while and we all landed safely, if not a little wet (eh Ian)! My mum's Christmas cake went down well and we all had a bit of fun timing our launches as the swell had picked back up a bit.

We chatted back to Portland Harbour and landed in calm water next to Portland Castle.

It was a good paddle, I think all my paddling pals would agree it was an enjoyable trip.


Early start caught this view Chesil Cove launch
Heading down the West side of the Island John approaching Pulpit
David at Pulpit The Bill
The East side of the Island Jon back in the harbour
John between the Mulberries Our track

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