IOPCC Trip Report

North Cornwall Weekend 2012
Day 4: Daymer Bay to Mother Ivy's Bay.
Monday 7th May 2012

HW Plymouth 0620 + 1hr = 0720 (5.6m) less 40mins port correction Padstow = 0640 HW
LW Plymouth 1238 +1hr = 1338 (0.4m) less 55mins port correction Padstow = 1233 LW
on the water 1030
Wind in the morning approx force 3-4 by afternoon it was meant to moderate but increased force 4-5 gusting 6 approximately.
On launching my boat I was again harried by Barbara and then quizzically asked and you are taking your trolley, well I replied it's too late now, I've locked the car and Tony Sandry said I should. So off we went for a very enjoyable and scenic paddle to Mother Ivy's Bay for lunch closely following the shoreline. More rock hopping and we reach Harlyn Bay it looked slightly familiar there was an RNLI jeep on the beach but not much surf so few surfers in sight. The wondrous structure of the RNLI boat shed soon was in sight and I have been informed it's a deep sloping beach so I need to get those legs out of the cockpit. Slight technical hitch I let go of the paddle while pulling back my foot... splash and another swim. Jill is out of luck me thinks I will definitely win the swimmers award at this rate. I decide having a drysuit is a good thing so now I start playing and swimming under my kayak in full glare of the lifeboat station. At one point Barbara asks 'are you ok' sure I reply I am just larking about. Lunch swiftly followed and Barbara says 30 minutes and we are on the water. 30 minutes seems a very long time, but goes awfully quickly when you are having a good time. I manage just to get on the water in time and paddle to Barbara and ask can I capsize again please, no she wants me at the front of the group with Paul out of harm's way. We make a good progress now straight out across the bay heading for Gunver head. The wind is freshening it must now be a force 5 gusting 6 and there are waves to play on only that they are coming from the side mainly making progress challenging. A few of the paddlers afterwards expressed concern at the conditions though I am ignorant of this and think it's great fun. Rounding Stepper Point it becomes easier though it is still challenging and blowing a stiff wind. Approaching Trebetherick Point Jill is having problems maintaining direction. I am standing by and offer a tow which she rightly declines. I really must learn which side of the fence I now belong to... 'Don’t you know men are for lighting fires at barbeques and towing when in shouting distance’? Tony now proceeds to tow Jill back to the beach, I know I could offer a tandem tow now but I know my place and we women should not be seen to be doing men's work in case they might in turn wonder what is there left for them to do. WE eventually reach the beach Tony is somewhat Perturbed that the rest of the group scampered leaving him to be the hero of the day. The tide is well out, the car park is somewhere in the distance, I look at Barbara quizzically and now ask... and I suppose a trolley would be useful!
Heading for Stepper Point Rock hopping heaven
Jane checking for gel coat damage Stew at Mother Ivy's
Ian Barbara
Jill Barbara taking pictures as usual

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