IOPCC Trip Report

Saturday 11th July 2009 - Sandsfoot

Despite the weather we had a very successful, relaxed and enjoyable afternoon on the water.

The forecast wasn’t good, and true to met office predictions it started raining on Friday night and seemed determined to drizzle all the next day. Lots of phone calls in the morning expecting cancellation but no, we were running with what we’d got.

Ken arrived with a much larger fleet of boats than anticipated (thanks to John Perham of WOEC, who lent us the Jurassic Kids kayaks) and combined with IOPCC’s club boats I thought we would have more kayaks than people!

BUT within 30 minutes of kick off the whole fleet was on the water and there were kayaks and paddlers everywhere – what a great sight! Lovely to see new faces and whole families trying paddling out for the first time and others who just turned up for a go. Lots of fun was had by all. Unlike last year there was no passing trade from accidental tourists that happened to be attracted by the boats and noise, but some very keen and determined folks ready for some sport.

In all, it was a very enjoyable and relaxing (if not the sunniest) afternoon. A big thank you to Will who did a grand job of looking after everyone on the water, Ken for bringing the boats and returning them, John, Gemma, Keziah and Hannah for helping with the clear up.
Feedback from the punters has been very positive, so perhaps we’ll see some new faces on the water.

Thank you to everyone for turning up.





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