IOPCC Trip Report

Christmas Piddle Paddle Mini Alpine Adventure
12th December 2010


Due to low river levels on Dartmoor and Exmoor, no decent surf on the North or South coast, Sundays paddle was called off.
However, 4 hardcore whitewater paddlers decided to stretch their arms, get wet and have some christingle fun.
After research on ukriversguide, the intrepid group, including Buddy, two new club members Pringle and Damo and a hangeron (!), decided to paddle the River Piddle...yes you heard correct the Piddle.
With much amusement and mickey taking from swarthy sea kayakers at Barb's housewarming the night before, they would now be eating their words after a successful Mini Adventure !
The theme for the paddle was Christmas dress and all paddlers turned up in full yuletide attire !!!
With an early start and putting in at Cuckoo Pond, the flow was good and the river surprisingly deep, they set off along a mist filled twisting river that led them from Bere Regis to Wareham.
Led expertly by Bertie's understudy and possibly the clubs new and upcoming whitewater guru, Mark Damen, they negotiated approximately 8 weirs.
All these weirs were running well, and allowed the inexperienced paddlers to run them, by picking a good line and then enjoy a Grade 1 rivers weir surfing.
Pringle swished and swoshed in his Pyranha Burn, showing everyone how proficient he is getting, whilst Buddy ensured he broke in and out of eddies using his edging and working across the weirs, playing like a surfing world champion !!!
No swims were noted, which was unusual for Buddy!, and approximately 2 1/2 hours later the mini adventure came to an end at Wareham, where tea and pasties were consumed with lots of manly laughter as the group relived the wavesurfing before returning home.
Another successful whitewater river trip, albeit on a smaller scale, but that's what its all about...getting out there and doing it.


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John leading the pack on the Piddle Mark risking life and limb in the cataclysmic turmoil that is The Piddle!!
Anti-gravity Limbo...
Buddy Shooting one of the weirs
The Piddlers
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