IOPCC Trip Report

Bowleaze to Osmington
Sunday March
13th 2011

Well it was promising to be the finest day of the year as I drove along the multitude of chaotic roadwork’s making up what I once knew to be the Esplanade of Weymouth sea front, Clive J visible to my right making his way by paddle power across the bay to our start point at Bowleaze Cove. The Sun was rising higher from the horizon, the wind deciding to have a Sunday lay in and the large silhouette of HMS Ocean turning her stern in land and making herself power under way to a day of aircraft operations. Today was originally planned as a rather short trip to Osmington, just 2 miles each way, but with one of the smallest neaps of the year and Miss Jillybeans travelling all the way from Ramsgate I decided to add the extra mile to Ringstead and give us the chance for an extra stop.

Wyke Jon, providing me assistance on this trip, turned up with his normal enthusiastic time keeping and at 1020 we a party of eight, teased on to a beautiful Sunday morning sea. Though taking it easy and chatting among new faces to one another we made rather fast progress and 45 minutes later we were sat on shore at Ringstead having a rehydration session. We decided to make use of the break and I gave some basic theory briefs on GPS and VHF, Clive J adding some useful extra information at the end with knowledge gained at the Coastguard visit earlier that week.

The mile paddle back to Osmington for lunch allowed two groups of three to practise some rescue tows, one with a fake injury, an assistant to support and nurture the casualty and the third using winter tired muscles to pull the first two away from danger.

Lunch was like a picnic on a summer’s day, even Sharon come to the cliff top in the pub car park to say hi. However, looking down on a steep cliff path whilst wearing incorrect footwear, she decided a wave to the others had to suffice.

The remaining two miles back to our waiting cars was just as pleasant and Stew was happy to attempt a roll before we got out, however it wasn’t quite there so in with my bow and he executed a lovely hip flick, unscathed.

A lovely paddle with great company, its practically a motto for this Club. Well done to all that supported me on this trip,



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