IOPCC Trip Report

Poole Harbour Paddle
Sunday 13th November 2011


Paddlers: Darren Sherwood, David Cotgrove, Dan Moss, Jack Moss, Ian Hackworthy, Barbara Browning.

On Saturday 12th November the Club had a very successful paddle from Ringstead to Lulworth and back in sporty conditions with full on man swell carnage at that well known play spot, Durdle Door. There had also been 6 members out kayak surfing in North Devon.

The weather forecast for the advertised Sandbanks to Swanage paddle was for Force 5 -6 with a five foot swell so Plan B was brought forward – Lake Pier and Poole Harbour. There was a significant drop in interest overnight so it was just 6 of us who met at Lake Pier on a dry but blustery morning.

Initially 5 of us went for a dibble up to Rockley to kill a bit of time while waiting for David who had got well on his way to Poole before realising he had forgotten his buoyancy aid. After returning to Lake and meeting up with David (releasing him from the Poole Harbour group of 22 paddlers who were going up to Wareham) we paddled into a stiff breeze and choppy waves along the North side of the harbour to Poole Quay. We then crossed the harbour – successfully avoiding the sailing race to the North shore of Brownsea Island. We already knew the correct decision had been made – it was windy and rough enough in the harbour so conditions outside were going to be wild.

As we came round the East side of the Island we had our first glimpse of the breaking waves that were thrashing around in the entrance confirming that we were better off inside the harbour. There were some swell waves to add interest as we passed the port channel buoy on our way to South Haven Point where we found a sheltered spot for lunch. Sitting out of the wind – blue sky, blue sea – it was all quite pretty.

After lunch we made rapid progress along South Deep with wind waves and tide pushing us along. We left Green, Round and Long Islands to starboard and had plenty of water to make easy progress. As we rounded Patchins Point, Dan and Jack had a father and son race in their Inuk’s back to Lake Pier. Jack won.

Timing was perfect and we arrived back at the beach at the top of the second high tide thus avoiding the mud.

Not the most interesting or adventurous of paddles but it was good to be out with old and new friends.

Jack and Dan Darren at Brownsea
Dan and Ian Bouncy crossing to Shell Bay
The channel marker Dan
David on his way back to Lake Pier Nearly home
Calm and blue at Shell Bay lunch stop

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