IOPCC Trip Report

IOPCC "Carlsberg" Surf Trip
Saturday 14th January 2012


If Carlsberg arranged Surf conditions for IOPCC Surf days, then this would have been one of them....!

Clean green triangular peeling waves that travelled parallel with Saunton beach allowing long runs, bottom and top turns....

Ten beardless Surf-kayakers arrived at Saunton beach at 0900....the outside temperature being approximately 3C and the water temp being 8C.......

The group included Clive "Mum" Joyner, Gary "Silt and seabed inspector" Elkington, Ken "Club Pro" Baillie, Grant "Big Z" Pring, Teresa "Flic-Flac" Cobb, Buddy, Bristolllian Geoffers, John "Father" Christmas, Matt "Billabong Sponsored" Christmas and .............Yes........even though it was cold and early......Cate "The Scarf" Bargh..........!!

Being graced with Cate's presence, really boosted morale amongst our group, especially due to the cold offshore wind and chilly waters.

With winter suits, winter wetsuits, cags, thermals, gloves, headgear, etc etc on, all were paddling through the impact zone and out back waiting for the sets to arrive.

This they did in style, gently sweeping in, growing, peeling, peaking and then breaking, with mostly lefts (unusual for Saunton), allowing all to drop in, skim, glide, bottom and top turn through the waves. The occasional Bongo slide was spotted even from the club pro Kenneth Baillie.

Gary "S&Si" Elkington wasn't disappointing anyone, he persisted in battling out through the sets, to catch waves back in with style and charisma.....popping the occasional 360 and grabbing air off the lip of some of the larger waves.

Dobby, (who couldn't make this trip due to having his hair cut, permed and blow dried) would have been proud of his old mate.

As the tide made its way out and the sandy beach grew larger, the group remained surfing, and eventually after 4-5 hours, the wind and water temperature finally took its toll and all retired to the car park for coffee, warm clothes and calling it a day.

The results of the day were, a few rolls, Stylish Haircuts (T) a couple of swimmers, many hoots and screams, great rides along perfect "Carlsberg" waves, which were varied between 2-3ft & 5-6ft on the sets, and generally a great fun day out.

Another successful Surf trip was accomplished and All Day brekkie and hot chocolates were consumed as all paddlers stopped off in Braunton at the Surfed Out Cafe for refreshments before the journey home.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, their enthusiasm, help and mostly for making it just another Great trip.

Surf/WW Rep!

Chilly and early at Saunton Ahhh, my eyes!
Buddy and his steed. Teresa looking chilly.
Clive and Gary. Cate 'The Scarf'
Buddy suited and booted Is it a pair of Christmases or Christmasti?
Ken looking alarming in his new boat John trying Ken's boat, could end in tears!
Ahhh, Bless!

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