IOPCC Trip Report

Ringstead to Lulworth Cove
15th November 2014

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Tony Sandry Barbara Hackworthy Geoff Ridler
Matthew Christmas Ian Hackworthy Ken Baillie
Teresa Cobb Lucy Gill  
Jon Massey David Cotgrove  

After a week of wild windy weather we were surprised that Saturday 15th November turned out to be dry, warm, calm and at times sunny. 10 paddlers were on Ringstead beach ready to launch at 10:30 There was some residual swell which added some interest to quite benign conditions.

Ian was paddling his new Rockpool – his third – let’s hope this one lasts a lot longer than the last one!

Ian in his latest white Rockpool

It was great to catch up with everyone and as we paddled across towards White Nothe it was calm enough to chat.

Easy conditions across Ringstead Bay

White Nothe produced some interesting rock hopping.

Rock hopping at White Nothe

Durdle Door was calm enough for everyone to paddle through

Durdle Door

But Tony managed to find some excitement!

Tony getting it wrong at Durdle Door

Then Ken found a wave a Man 'o' War

Ken at Man 'o' War

John Christmas turned out to meet us at Lulworth Cove and was able to oblige us by taking a group photo

The group at Lulworth Cove

Ken managed to become airborne on the little wave at the entrance to Lulworth Cove...

Ken airborne at Lulworth Cove

...with Jon Massey not far behind.

Jon Massey at Lulworth Cove

We enjoyed a pleasant paddle back to Ringstead and everyone really enjoyed their day.

Lucy Gill on the paddle back to Ringstead

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