IOPCC Trip Report

Night Paddle, Ringstead to Durdle Door and back.
Saturday 18th July.


A message on the ansa-phone in the afternoon from Hugh confirmed the trip was on. The heat wave earlier in the month a distant memory, the planned trip actually fitted into a brief window of light winds (SW 3), calmish seas( slight) and no rain (dry!)

So on the beach finds us having an in-depth briefing, which included the issue of personal laminated maps, which enabled our group of 5 to set off eastwards.

We cleared Ringstead (which is a big bay) around a small choppy point. The eroded grooves on the cliffs tell their tale-this is an exposed coastline in spite of our eponymous island in the way of the prevailing South Westerlies.

So the green coast of the bay gives way to the deserted cliffs with Bat Hole in the distance. Small groups of cormorants could be seen. We took our turns to go through Bats Hole which was calm and the sea full of kelp, to find Hugh ambushing us armed with his camera.

Next Durdle Door which is still standing in spite of my sons claims that it had fallen in due to a combination of global warming and acid rain.

Around the corner we beached, stretched our legs and were treated to refreshments-home made flapjacks and what's this? Hot chocolate flavoured with almond liqueur! A nice touch Mr De Iongh.

Issued with whistles, green ,pink and purple night lights we set off back. The journey back was a delight ,into a freshening wind in our faces. Tidal assistance meant easy paddling with the hull of my canoe slapping down loudly into wave troughs. The light went quickly, huge formations of heavy, dark rain clouds out to sea built up rapidly, filling the horizon.

In the gloom we spotted the rocks of the causeway and beached in the dark with varying degrees of clumsiness.

It was a successful trip and most invigorating. Thanks to Hugh for organising it. He obviously put a lot of thought and effort in and everybody enjoyed it.


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Ready for the off at Ringstead
Bats Hole Durdle Door
A very reflective group!
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Report by: Rob Hogben | Pictures : Hugh DeIongh



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