IOPCC Trip Report

Bowleaze to The Smugglers at Osmington and return
Sunday December 19th 2010

 As we drove along the seafront at Weymouth the conditions were great for surfing. This was not good as we had a sea paddle planned and the weather was freezing cold – well below freezing with snow on the beach.

Dicky called us to say he was already at Bowleaze so we headed in that direction. Using the softer snow on the pavement we inched our way down the hill. John followed us down. We called Ken to find out where he was and he was sensibly in the Look Out Café – at the top of the hill. The 4 of us got in Dicky’s car with the intention of driving up to join Ken. Dicky’s car skidded and slithered about on the icy road.We got out and Dicky slid down the hill and got a run up and made it up. This left John and Ian to attempt the same by driving to a clear patch at the end of the road and getting a good run up they too made it up the hill. And so to the Look Out. Ken, Craig and Cate were in there – sitting on a radiator and we were soon joined by Toby.

After a while we ventured outside and went down to the car park at Secondwind and had a look at the sea. It took quite a while to persuade ourselves that we would get on the water and see what it was like. It looked very cold, quite windy and rough. Craig decided to be our shore contact!

There were significant waves to punch through on launching but we all got out without incident – except Dicky had forgotten his gloves and within minutes his hands were numb. He decided it was best to go back and drive to Osmington where Sharon was waiting in the warmth of the Smugglers. That left 6 of us.

As we headed towards Redcliff the weather was obviously deteriorating rapidly with increasing wind and decreasing visibility. We paddled inshore to a calmer patch before Redcliff and decided we would paddle out to the point and see what it was like and if we didn’t like the look of it we would go back. Due to the severity of the weather conditions and the sporty sea state we decided it was better to go back.

We had a bit of fun with the following waves as we headed back to Bowleaze and Ken had a little surf. Everyone nailed the landing and – just for the craic – we all piled into Ken's emergency shelter for a hot drink and a group huddle to warm up. This was the highlight of the day!

It had been good to get out on the water – but we were pleased to be back.
Snow caked boats Decision time at Secondwind
Shall we, shan't we? Toby at Redcliff
John paddling back Group huddle
Steamy in the shelter Loading up to go home.
The Arctic Expeditionary Force!

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