IOPCC Trip Report

Lyme Regis to Beer
Sunday 21st November 2010

The weather was windy in the preceding week but the forecast for the Sunday was north easterly 4 or 5 with slight sea state. We decided to paddle.

We all met at the Cobb at Lyme Regis at 09.30. It is worth noting for future occasions that the Harbour Master was quite happy for us to unload boats onto the slipway. Parking at the Cobb is £6 for 6 hours. The car park at the top of Cobb Road costs just £1 but it is a long walk up at the end of the paddle.

Ten members of IOPCC launched at 10am. It was a cold overcast day with a biting cold north easterly breeze. This breeze helped us on our way and we enjoyed an easy ride on a slight sea state to Seaton. Offshore from Seaton the waves picked up a little and there were a few white bits but nothing really to concern any of us. When we got to Beer Jim and Dicky went in first to land and successfully ‘caught’ the rest of the group as we came into the steep beach one by one. A few people failed to make their legs work well enough to become upright immediately– but nobody was admitting to a swim.

The sun came out as we arrived at Beer and we sheltered out of the wind behind some boats on the beach and had our lunch. We had made very good time on the outward trip and at 1300 we were ready for the return trip.

As expected the wind in the bay off Seaton was in our faces and the sea was choppy. We made slow progress across to Axmouth and were relieved to find that by keeping tucked quite close to the undercliff we were able to keep out of the worst of the wind and make good progress.

With the Cobb at Lyme Regis appearing out of the gloom, the wind veered more to the east and much more on the nose. It also seemed to increase and just as everyone was getting tired towards the end of the day forward progress became very slow and at times we didn’t seem to be going forward at all. Once more the group were persuaded to take the risk of being caught by the occasional large rogue wave that appeared from nowhere and tuck in close to the shore. We inched our way to the Cobb just as the light was beginning to fade. There was some disturbed water outside the harbour but everyone managed to stay upright and made it to the beach under their own steam just before 4pm.

Cars were retrieved and we all got changed and loaded up before it was dark. Considering the time of year, the weather and sea state this was a really good outing and the less experienced members in the group gained a lot from it.
A bit of chop in Lyme Regis harbour Ian and David on the way to Beer
Geoff Julie and David passing Seaton
Typical IOPCC beach carnage Lunch
Diana and Dicky on the return leg David heading back
Beer, chilli and medals.

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