IOPCC Trip Report

The Dart Loop Newbridge to Holne Bridge
December 21st 2008

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This was a trip led by Bertie and friends and included Matt and John. Barbara and Ian were Loop virgins!

The Dart Loop is a great introduction to Grade 3 white-water . The level was quite high enough although Bertie would have it that it was only medium!

After launching at Newbridge some time was spent assessing just how meagre Barbara and Ian's white-water skills were and practising the essentials. It was up to Bertie to demonstrate what one should do in case of the inevitable.

From Newbridge the river bends and drops over ledges and there are several Grade 2 wave trains. The first of the trickier rapids is the 'Washing Machine'. This is a 1m ledge which forms a towback. After this a series of Grade 2 rapids follow. Then comes 'Lovers Leap' which is a very long rapid at this medium level we all really enjoyed this and managed to negotiate the several stoppers and rocks. After a series of wide rocky rapids a horizon line appeared ominously ahead which marks the approach of a real grade 3 rapid 'Triple Falls'. We negotiated this one at a time, some of us more successfully than others however no swimmers just!

Thankfully there was some flat water after this excitement before the 'Spindryer'. This is not a rapid but a huge eddy. At this level we all managed to stay upright!

There was a bouncy wave train down to Holne Bridge where we got out and scrambled up the bank to the waiting shuttle bus.

Launch at Newbridge Barbara and Ian practising
Now you see him...
Now you don't!!
Ian at the Washing Machine Barbara at Triple Falls
Matt at Triple Falls The shuttle at Holne Bridge
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