IOPCC Trip Report

Surf Kayaking Weekend, Widemouth Bay.
Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd May 2010


I had been wondering if the weather had something against IOPCC after our very wet camp at Easter followed by the inclement weather in Cornwall and then the wet and windy weather we had for the West Bay paddle.

The Bude surfing weekend broke the mould and we had the most beautiful weather all weekend and, more importantly, the surf was up!

16 paddling members travelled down to Widemouth Bay and stayed at Penhalt Farm. Our weekend was enhanced by Bertie, Yazz, Steve and Jane bringing along their young families. Most people camped but Beryl and Jim stayed in the farmhouse.

Some people travelled down early on the Friday and enjoyed a great day out in the gnarly surf getting mullered. I should explain here that the words of the weekend were gnarly and mullered. For those familiar with the Urban Dictionary, 'mullered' means, ‘Broken, smashed or beaten up to the point of being visibly altered, unusuable or non-functional’. That just about covers it. If you are still not sure what that actually looks like have a look at the photos of Ken Buddy and Chris at the BBQ on Saturday night and you will get the picture. Link>>

On Saturday morning Beryl and Jim kindly invited everyone up to Penhalt Farmhouse for breakfast. This very generous offer, which was repeated on Sunday morning, was very much appreciated. The weather was superb and the surf was still up.

Ken, Steve and Clive, being experienced surfers, went off out the back to ride the big waves. Bertie ran a surf clinic for 8 novices. We learnt about bongo sliding, paddling out, catching a wave, riding a wave diagonally and how to return to the beach after capsizing. The latter of these skills was practiced more than we would have liked. Three hours of this and we were all well mullered so we retired to the beach café for a long lunch break in the sunshine. In the afternoon most people returned to the waves in and on a variety of boats and boards.

On Saturday evening we all enjoyed a communal barbeque at the campsite. Most people were pretty tired by this stage but not everyone. One of our newer female members dazzled us with an acrobatic clinic demonstrating cartwheels and flic flacs. Not many people joined in on this occasion. Next time…………

Sunday morning the weather was still perfect and the surf was a little less gnarly. After a hearty breakfast courtesy of Beryl and Jim we headed down to the beach again. The big boys headed out the back and the rest of us were once more treated to Bertie's surfing clinic. Today we practiced what we had learnt yesterday and then progressed to bottom turns and top turns. Everyone gained confidence and made progress and also had a lot of fun. We are very fortunate to have an expert coach who is willing to share his skills with us.

In the afternoon some people continued surfing. The waves were a bit smaller and it was possible to paddle out in the big boats. Jim, Ian and I went for a short sea trip along to Crackington Haven for an ice cream. It was a splendid paddle and was very relaxing after all that mullering! We even got back in at Widemouth without getting trashed.

Thank you one and all for a most enjoyable weekend.



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Breakfast at Jim and Beryl's Ready for the off
Steve Chris
Barbara Bertie coaching
Blue skies on Sunday Sunday lunch
Jim and Ian near Crackington Haven Ice creams at
Crackington Havern
Saturday night barbecue
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Report and pictures by: Barbara Browning



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