IOPCC Trip Report

Round the Island (Portland) West to East
March 27th 2011

Despite an hour of sleep lost to British Summer Time, seven members of IOPCC set out from Chesil Cove at 10.15 on Sunday 27th March. We were John Massey, Barbara, Ian, Ken, Jim, John Christmas and myself. Jim planned and led the day, but with Ken’s keen eye and a fair bit of experience in the bunch we didn’t cause Jim too many worries.

It was a misty, cold start with more north easterly breeze than expected. But it soon warmed up in the shelter of the high cliffs on the West side of Portland. We all enjoyed the rocky shore, particularly Barbara as it gave her the opportunity to sport her new helmet. Part way to the Bill, Jim was busy chatting, he didn’t notice a rock and lost his balance but his recovery roll was so sharp that he was able to finish his sentence and most of us were none the wiser.

Pulpit Rock was passed on the inside uneventfully by all and we rounded the Bill early, having journeyed the Westside in an hour. The Bill itself was providing a very gentle version of it’s delights and we rounded it chatting and enjoying the sun.

Lunch at Church Ope Cove on the Eastside meant a surf landing. The shelf made even small waves have a good pull back and dump and the seven kayaks lurched up onto the beach like killer whales at a feed, small children were snatched from the foreshore to safety by their parents. I think someone fell in but can’t recall who…..

The stop was a welcome break for us all and it was warm enough to linger. After we all had our fill it was time to move on. Ian demonstrated a new take on “leave no trace” by emptying his leftovers and dregs into my kit. Thanks Ian! Ken supervised each full bellied paddler back onto the water. After the most easterly point we felt no wind and the sea was very calm. Soon the lapping sound of contented paddler’s souls could be heard; as we rounded the North-East side of the Bill and into the harbour I wanted to start again.

Things I learnt re-learnt or am trying to forget…

There is a secret smugglers cave off the Eastside of Portland, the location is so secret Ken continues to keep it even from himself!

Always make sure you are the sea side of your boat in the surf as it is quite heavy when full of water…or so I’m told!

Portland Harbour Master likes a call before you enter the harbour particularly in the weekdays so they can account for you amongst their traffic.

Jim is the perfect gentlemen when it comes to helping you up and down the beach with your boat but admits to accosting women in dark alleys albeit selectively! (Sorry Jim!....reference an unfortunate choice of words to describe a robustly built lady)
Jim having just rolled up after a 'loss of focus'!! Approaching Pulpit Rock
Jackie threading the Pulpit Jim off The Bill
Jackie 'landing' at
Church Ope Cove
John C and Jim lovin' it! Barbara at the Mullberrys
The group (less Ken the photographer)
at Portland Castle

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