IOPCC Trip Report

Sandbanks to Ballard Point.
Sunday 27th September 2009


Sunday 27th September was a beautiful day. The sky was clear blue, the sun shone all day, it was 20 degrees or more, the sea was calm and the seven members of IOPCC who went out paddling from Sandbanks had a splendid day out! Where were you???

Launching from Sandbanks beach was very straightforward at 10am as there were few people about and the sea was flat. We set off towards Shell Bay and crossed the Channel as a group with no problems from the other craft in the channel. As there was only a light breeze blowing most of the sailing craft were motoring.

We made our way in a leisurely sociable manner across Studland Bay towards Old Harry Rocks. The stacks point out from Handfast Point towards the Needles on the Isle of Wight 28km across Bournemouth Bay. Old Harry is an archaic name for Satan and is used to describe the stack at the seaward end. In the nineteenth century Old Harry had a wife but this accompanying stack fell into the sea. The perfection continued, as it was neap tides with only 20cm of tidal range so the tidal race, which can form off the outer edge of the rocks, was not working.

We remained inshore and pottered along to Ballard Point under the arches, into the caves and round the chalk spires and pinnacles. The spectacular chalk cliffs stretch progressively higher but then fall away after Ballard Point.

At Ballard we decided to paddle back the way we had come and enjoy the amazing scenery again before going to the café in Studland bay for our lunch break.

We enjoyed an hour sunning ourselves over lunch before launching again. We paddled inshore along the beach at Studland. There were hundreds of Naturists out enjoying the sunshine. A pity the battery on my camera had died by this time!

We made our way over the training wall, across the channel, over the Sandbanks and back to the beach. Some of the group then did some rolling practice in the lovely warm water! After loading the boats and changing we enjoyed an ice cream in the late afternoon sun while taking in the view of where we had been.  


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Jill crossing towards
Shell Bay.
Nick at Old Harry
New member Jill Sheriff Hugh De Iongh
Old Harry Hilary at Old Harry
The group before leaving Sandbanks.
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Report and pictures by: Barbara Browning



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