IOPCC Trip Report

Castle Cove to Redcliff Point

28th October 2012

Clive Joyner
Jackie Jones
David Cotgrove
Ian Hackworthy
Jon Massey

Was meant to be a little local paddle on the Saturday but strong winds put a stop to that even though it was sunny, Saturday was off with the general consensus was to opt for the Sunday. After much scanning of weather forecasts it still was not looking great for Sunday. Final decision was made on the beach in the morning. It did not look too bad and we were all up for it. The westerly wind was not a warm one but gave none of us anything to worry about in Portland Harbour. The wind stiffened a bit as we crossed Weymouth Bay but still no problem. We bunched together a bit as yachts with full spinnaker bore down on us, they weren't hanging about today. A calm landing. Lunch at Redcliff .We sat at the bottom of what looked like a fairly recent mud/landslide trying to get a little shelter from the wind . Me and David took the shore side route on the way back trying to find some waves to brace against. Not so much waves more like a speed bump coming at you sideways. Clive J left us at the Weymouth harbour entrance .We pottered back the wind had decided to stiffen up again now and as we entered Portland Harbour it slapped us in the face coming round Northern entrance which made for a slightly stiffer workout for the last stretch.
Bonus hour or not I still felt tired first thing and was getting ready in the rain I was wondering to myself ,but as soon as I am on the water I know why I bothered .
Thanks to fellow paddlers.

Redcliff Point Redcliff Point
Redcliff Point Lunch


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