IOPCC Trip Report

May Bank Holiday Sea Kayak Camping Trip to Cornwall
Day 1 Friday 30th April 2010


Four of us made it down to Crackington Haven on Friday hoping to paddle to Boscastle and back but the wind and waves were against us and we did not get out of the bay. Check out the photos that Barbara took!

There was a bit of wind when we arrived and the waves from the car park did not look too big so we decided to give it a go and pop our noses past the Cam Beak headland to see what the conditions were like out there.

By the time we arrived at the waters edge though, the waves were getting bigger and bigger. Barbara decided to save her on the mend shoulder and stay on the beach whilst Ian, Greg (first time out with the club and made front page of the newsletter!!) and I decided to give it a go!! Ian did a great job and managed to get out the back first attempt. Greg, after a couple of knock downs and nearly pulling a backwards aerial 360 (see photo!) stayed to surf in the shallows. I made it out on my second attempt to greet Ian with shouts of delight which were quickly silenced by him when he reminded me that we had to get back it at some point!

By then the wind had really picked up and was now gusting F6-7 so sticking our noses around the headland was not a good idea so we decided to get back ashore ASAP. (every man for himself!) I turned and managed to stay on the first monster wave but got picked up and knocked down by the second. I tried to hold onto my boat but this disappeared at great speed without me. Ian came by and I tried to hold onto his boat but he too was whisked away at great speed by the next wave. So no choice but to body surf (!) and roll with the waves into shore where Barbara and Greg came to rescue me and my boat! Ian managed to have a great time surfing in staying in his boat!

It was great fun though! No injuries, just a few bits of equipment and clothing stolen by the waves, and lessons learnt!

The four of us then had a walk to the headland to look at the very big waves which were no longer that big! We agreed that we probably timed it a bit wrong as we tried to launch when the tide was up at the narrowest part of the beach which may have caused the waves to jack up. Anyway something to think about next time!

We then went back to the campsite via Boscastle (for well earned pasties and ice creams) and spent the evening in the pub where the group gradually expanded as we were joined by other folk who had travelled down that evening.

Pictures of the paddle are on the
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Julie and Greg at Crackington Haven Julie getting trashed in the surf
Ian picking his way out Julie getting back to the beach for another go!
Success for Julie. Greg getting serious
Greg testing the water Ian surfing back in
The latecomers starting to gather
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