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IoPcc Thursday evening paddling 2012

Hi all...just a quick sum up of this years Thursday evenings.

I managed to get out 14 times which is a little down on last year. I do believe we were a little unlucky with the weather this year, with a few consecutive wet and windy Thursdays, and having the Olympics in town did bring with it some parking and traffic restrictions.

I would like to thank everybody that came out, I believe everybody enjoyed themselves. From the Fleet ,Chequered Fort , Weymouth Harbour ,Weymouth Beach , Greenhill and all around Portland harbour I practised, exercised and enjoyed. Looking forward to clocking up some more time out in 2013, feedback and suggestions welcome.

In the meantime I am trying to negotiate a free morning either Thursday or Friday for a 2~3 hour paddle in the day. I actually got out more times in January than June. I am not intending to stop during winter.

Happy paddling, cheers all .

Jon Massey.


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