IOPCC Trip Report

Run to the last BST Sun....
The day the Surf Gods smiled on us....
Saturday 22nd October 2011

Seven intrepid surfers met in Weymouth at 6am for the final summer fling of 2011 to Putsborough.

Buddy, Big Z and Damo all travelled in style and comfort in Buddy’s surfvan, while Dobbie provided his Weyline Taxi services to Toby "Beardy" Willcocks, Gazza "Seabed Inspector" Elkington and the legendary Sir Steve Williams...4 persons, 3 kayaks, 1 bodyboard, all the kit and egos in Dobbie’s 1979 Austin Montego....!

Unfortunately the club’s surf guru Kenneth Baillie had a hair appointment so was unable to attend and Chris Fryer was having a sunbed session and waxing.

Breakfast was scoffed at Barnstable Maccy Dee's and the group were first in the car park and felt water on their boats by 0900hrs.

Dobbie and Elks played in the foamy ripples whilst Steve Williams flirted with death in the near 4-5 foot clean, green Kahunas that were coming in, in pure sets and perfect for riding parallel with the beach.

For the first hour the IOPCC members were the ONLY persons in the water and along the shoreline.

The conditions were superb, clean green swell waves, with an offshore wind which was peeling the wave lip back and holding it all the way in.
With the sun out and the skies completely blue and cloud free, it was almost as though the Surf Gods had smiled on our intrepid group of wavehunters for the final time this summer.

Lunch was taken and Dobbie’s car departed to head for Bridport for rolling lessons, while Buddy, Big Z and Damo spent the next 2-3 hours catching a larger selection of waves as the conditions just got better and bigger.

At 1:30pm it was a matter of "Just one more and then we'll go" 3:30 the three of us were still there....just proving how good the days surf was.

As the sun dropped our group retired and returned east with a tear in their eye and the sun dropping behind them....

Good bye summer sun...see you next Spring...

A fitting trip to end a superb surfing summer.......2011 saw countless surf day trips away and three Surfing weekends based in North Cornwall.....One of which will go down in IOPCC history as the Classic "Hedonistic" weekend, which saw us surfing as the sun dropped......many good times were had, much of gods falling down water was quaffed and this caused tales of surf around the campfire (or in Gary Elkington’s palace sized awning) to grow into Hawaii sized spectacular wave stories!

On a personal note I’d like to say thanks all the surfers, or swimmers (you know who you are!) that I have had the pleasure to catch waves with this summer.....
Here’s looking forward to summer 2012....
But more’s looking forward to the Winter swell trips that are arriving shortly....

My wave Dude ?!!!,.......

Surf/WW Rep!


Buddy practising for the Putsborough Morris Dancers Mark paddling out
Perfect waves Toby seemingly in control
Grant looking good Grant again
Gary checking silt depth Ever vigilant

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